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Release Notes

Xsubuntu 1.0

Minimal Ubuntu based distribution

XSubuntu is an acronym and represents:

eXtra - Small Ubuntu
X and Snapwm based Ubuntu

The core components are:
  • Geany (an advanced text editor)
  • Firefox (the best webbrowser at all)
  • SnapWM (fast and lightweight windowmanager, supports tiling and stacking)
  • Xfe (simple dual - pane filemanager)
XSubuntu is based on Ubuntu-Server 14.04 LTS x64.
In the basic configuration it needs only 384 MB Ram and should run on every Intel oder AMD CPU.

I have added some scripts for different usages:

  • Gamer Edition
  • Creative Edition
  • HTPC Edition
  • Musician Edition

All scripts together results in a Mutimedia HTPC Gamer Linux !!!

Getting started!

Xsubuntu 1.0 x64 Iso (14.04): Download (719mb)

You can also order a complete DVD!*
(the DVD can be used as a live or installer DVD) 1

Compatibility: Linux

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*Please note. I do not sell any of the included softwares,
You only pay a bit for the allowance, and some additional scripts and configurations.
The used software is free- and / or open-sourceware and comes with their own licenses
(on DVD or in the repositories).

Out now!

Xsubuntu 1.5:

This is the second release, half the way to Xsubuntu 2.0
The basic distribution now contains the Ubuntu Server core 16.04 LTS,
Firefox, Dolphin and Kate.

Default controller support:

Xbox 360 controllers
WII remotes

This Xsubuntu-Full 1.5 release is a full blown Multimedia-Gamer-HTPC!

Xsubuntu 2.0 (To Do):

Although the most important things are done, the support for game-controllers is not complete atm.

So, the next release will have support for the most important controllers:

Playstation 3 controllers,
Wiimote MotionInside,
Xbox 360 chatpads

Xsubuntu will be fully controllable with those devices.

Furthermore, I will add a quick start menu and some remote controls.

Xsubuntu 3.0 (To Do):

This release will have enhanced support for video recording, timeshift, and EPG.

However, this is a lot of work and before I can start I need to buy the necessary hardware.

So if you like Xsubuntu, please consider a donation!

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