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Documentation - Xsubuntu 1.5

Release Notes

1. Introduction:

Xsubuntu-Full 1.5 is the one and only Multimedia Gamer Linux, based on Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS.

2. Testing Xsubuntu - Live:

Download the iso and burn the image to disc.
Boot the computer from disc.
In the boot menu select "Live System" and press "Enter".
When the menu disappears, press the "Esc" key.

Kodi should now start automatically.
To open further applications, press Super + r and type the application name, e.g.:
"dolphin-emu" to play Gamecube or WII games
There are some shortcuts already available, e.g:
Super + f to open Firefox.
To open a shell, press: Super + Enter
To close an app, press Super + w

3. Configuration:

3a. Configuration as a HTPC or as a Gamer PC:

To open games or applications graphically, you can use "Advanced Launcher" or "Rom Collection Browser" within Kodi.

3b. Configuration as a Multimedia-Workstation:

To open apps with shortcuts, download this Zip-File and extract it to your HOME folder.
You can now see the shortcuts in ~/install/help

3c. Advanced configuration:

To control your HTPC conveniently from your couch you can map those shortcuts to your gamepad, controller or remote using "Antimicro".

Within Kodi some shortcuts are already available.

4. Installation:

You can even install Xsubuntu, therefore you need to boot from DVD.
In the boot menu select "Live System" and press "Enter".
When the menu disappears, press the "Esc" key.
If the graphical menu does not work for you, try the "Safe graphics mode".

To start the installer:
Open a terminal, and type:
/usr/lib/systemback/sbsustart systemback

The installer is a bit strange, however, you need to create at least 2 partitions.
In my test, I used:

28GB / ext4
40GB /home ext4

5. Links

Get the latest Updates, patches and fixes here:

Because Xsubuntu is based on Ubuntu, almost any tutorials for Ubuntu works for Xsubuntu, too.

The Arch Linux documentation is also very helpful.

Ubuntu (EN):
Ubuntu (DE):
Arch Linux:

If you like Xsubuntu, please donate!

Bitcoin-Donation: 1MVLwEFjBpaJPvxRaa2FrAABSvB4h4j7nZ

Please note:
If not enough people donate, Xsubuntu will not further be developed!

If you currenty search a webhoster, click:
I like Xsubuntu!

Out now!

Xsubuntu 1.5:

This is the second release, half the way to Xsubuntu 2.0
The basic distribution now contains the Ubuntu Server core 16.04 LTS,
Firefox, Dolphin and Kate.

Default controller support:

Xbox 360 controllers
WII remotes

This Xsubuntu-Full 1.5 release is a full blown Multimedia-Gamer-HTPC!

Xsubuntu 2.0 (To Do):

Although the most important things are done, the support for game-controllers is not complete atm.

So, the next release will have support for the most important controllers:

Playstation 3 controllers,
Wiimote MotionInside,
Xbox 360 chatpads

Xsubuntu will be fully controllable with those devices.

Furthermore, I will add a quick start menu and some remote controls.

Xsubuntu 3.0 (To Do):

This release will have enhanced support for video recording, timeshift, and EPG.

However, this is a lot of work and before I can start I need to buy the necessary hardware.

So if you like Xsubuntu, please consider a donation!

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